If You Have Any of These Names, You’ll Probably Own a Mansion One Day

If your name is Anne, Peter, or Stuart, we’ve got good news!

It might seem crazy to think that our names can play a part in determining our futures. However, New Republic reports that our names might have a lot to do with what career we choose. Not only that, but in late June, Zillow published an interesting study revealing that people with certain names are more likely to own valuable homes.

After analyzing over 70 million United States property records, Zillow compiled their “Top 20.” These are the names that, when all homeowners with that name were assessed, had the highest median how to own a mansion. For 14 of them, the median value is over $300,000.

Stuart tops the list, with a median value of $334,022. (And that’s the median—so half of the homeowners named Stuart have homes more valuable than that!) Some of the names are very common, with Alison, Alexandra, and Peter all in the top five. Some are less common: names like Salvatore (#7), Marina (#9), and Gerard (#14).

3 Best Smart WiFi Coffee Makers

After 13 hours of research evaluating 20 products, we picked Behmor Connected as our top choice.

There are few things in the world as wonderful as a fresh cup of coffee in the morning! It’s truly magical to wake up to the rich aroma of coffee filling your home using a smart coffee maker.

Give me that any day!

Wifi coffee makers allow you to pre-set your choices the night before, and the machines will switch on to brew your coffee so it’s ready when you want it. But what if you change your mind? What if you decide your regular-strength coffee isn’t going to cut it after a sleepless night, but you need an espresso? You have to go downstairs, re-program the machine, and wait for the coffee to brew.

Not so with a WiFi coffee maker!

A Wi-Fi/Smart spinn coffee review maker is connected to your smartphone, and all you have to do is press a few buttons to choose exactly the type of coffee you want. With this high-tech coffee maker, you can have the perfect cup of coffee every morning, guaranteed!

This $40 Million Mansion Has the Best Views in San Francisco

Listed for $40 million, this newly-constructed best mansion occupies an unparalleled plot overlooking the San Francisco Bay. The seven-bedroom, eight-bath home is situated in the exclusive subset of the city’s Pacific Heights neighborhood known as “Billionaires Row.” Notable neighbors include Apple’s Jony Ive, Oracle founder Larry Ellison, and Ann and Gordon Getty. The home is one of only 17 houses on the view side of the street, meaning each of the five stories takes in rare sweeping views of iconic Bay Area landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge, Palace of Fine Arts, and Alcatraz. Measuring 11,400 square feet, there is plenty of room for a host of amenities, including five fireplaces, a wine cellar, elevator, gym, and home theater featuring THX-designed acoustics.

“Big homes can often be monuments to ego—too big, too cold—but every room in this house is livable,” says listing agent Tom Biss of Sotheby’s International Realty, who is working with agent Val Steele of Pacific Union International on the home.

In true Silicon Valley form, the home is subtly equipped with many smart home elements. To upgrade the traditional sprinkler system, several monitors placed in the garden automatically water plants when the weather calls for it. A Savant system controls the climate, lighting, and sound systems, and can be adjusted with the touch of a button.