A Look at Leonardo DiCaprio’s Several Properties

There is no denying that Leonardo DiCaprio happens to be one of the most prolific actors in the Hollywood, and aside from a multi-nominated, and award winning actor at the same time, DiCaprio is also known for this extravagant charity work, and the good he is doing for the world. However, there is one thing that many people might not know about.

DiCaprio is also known for owning a lot of properties, over the course of his acting career, he has managed to buy some of the finest real estate that would make any person working on the Wall Street proud, and maybe even jealous.

His most recent buy was a Tudor situated in Los Feliz, California, and he bought it from the musician Moby. According to the official statement, DiCaprio purchased it for $4.9 million, and the place has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and is based on 4,644 square feet. The house’s architecture takes inspiration from the year of 1920, and so much more.

However, according to some reports, DiCaprio does not plan on living there as he has bought the property for a family member. As for what he owns himself, let’s look at some of them below.

Hollywood Hills Compound

In 1994, DiCaprio purchased the Hollywood Hills Compound from Madonna, this beautiful property is situated in the Hollywood Hills, and it has been fully renovated ever since the purchase. DiCaprio dished out an impressive $4 million for it, which, in this year, would be a lot. Ever since he’s bought it, DiCaprio has rented it out to several friends, and actors as well.

The Billionaire’s Bungalow

Although DiCaprio did not pay a lot ($1,775,000) for this modest home back in the 1998, the reason why it is called the Billionaire’s Bungalow is because of the people who live here frequently. Although the bungalow itself is a modest one from 1950, it got its fame because of the friends, and celebrities who have lived there. Though DiCaprio listed the property on the market, he’s also taken it off for some reasons.

An Island

Yes, this might come as strange news to many people but DiCaprio actually owns an island that is located at the coast of Belize. The island is under development, and will be created into an eco-resort that is set to open this year.

The Battery Park Tower

The Battery Park Tower in NYC is so good that DiCaprio ended up buying it twice. The building is filled with amazing amenities such as filtered water, filtered air, as well as a 50-foot lap pool, concierge services, studio for yoga, a room for billiard. The high rise apartment has been the home for many high profile celebrities and public figures such as Oliver Stone, Cobie Smulders, and Tyra Banks.

DiCaprio bought the 1st apartment in this condo back in 2008, and then bought another one next door in 2014. The one he bought recently has an astonishing 2,327 square feet space, which also includes a beautiful 1,035 square-feet terrace.

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