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Your Online Guide to Tenerife

Tenerife’s size, beauty and diversity makes it a fantastic travel destination, however, it also makes it a complex place to learn about. Despite being an island, Tenerife covers a decent amount of space, so much that one cannot possible explore all of it within a week or two, this is why you need to carefully plan your trip to Tenerife, making sure that you prioritize all the best places. Now, finding information on Tenerife is no easy feat, many websites have very limited or outdated information that does not really help at all, for instance, finding information on the island’s weather is always troublesome as the island has several microclimates.

Being unable to find reliable information on someplace that you are going to travel to can be stressful and frustrating, but luckily, the Tenerife Forum exists, a website started by a Tenerife resident whose goal is to create a central platform where one can find all manner of information about this island. The Tenerife Forum is quite popular amongst frequent Tenerife visitors since it always has updated and accurate information about the island, whether you are looking for information on the island’s local facilities, its helplines or whether you want to read about all the best places to visit over there, this forum can be of service to you.

It is basically a comprehensive online guide on how to enjoy Tenerife to its fullest, you can even find live webcam feeds on the site that let you view several popular spots across the island. The Tenerife Island has something for everyone, nature lovers can explore its many hiking routes and natural beaches while city lovers can explore the many tourist hotspots that have been developed in the area, take a look at the Tenerife Forum to learn more.

Adelaide’s Historical Home

If you are looking for a vacation destination and want something that would be a bit of an all in one package then you should definitely think about visiting Adelaide and staying in the Mount Lofty House hotel. This hotel has just about everything that you would need from being present at an amazing venue, to luxury spa facilities, to amazing food, and also quite a bit of history involved with the venue in itself. The Mount Lofty House has everything a person could wish for on their Australian getaway.

The entire place has great historic significance as it was once the home of the Hardy family. Back in 1852, when this house was made, no one had any idea that it would eventually be the premier destination in Australia for high class and lavish parties, as back then it was simply the home of the Crown Prosecutor of the Australian Supreme Court, Arthur Hardy, and the love of his life, Mrs. Martha Hardy. Eventually when the Hardy’s had to sell the house, it was occupied by other great and high profile families. Each of them added to the property in their own manner, until it became a communal area where grand weddings would take place.

In the 1980s, the house was burnt down in a large fire that ravaged the hill areas of Southern Australia but was built back up once again by the great architect, Ross Sands, in its original design but this time as a luxury hotel. Since then Mount Lofty House has grown as the classiest destination for people looking for a getaway or for people looking to hold another grand wedding. Mount Lofty House has become a part of the history of Adelaide and its premier hotel location. You can find out more on