Falling Unto You

Coaches in basketball are going to tell you to be more aggressive but when you’re just starting out in the sport, it’s a little to vague. They don’t mean you should actually attack other players of course because that will likely just get you banned from the sport. What your coach means when they’re saying be more aggressive is that they want to see you and your team hold the ball more, even if it doesn’t mean you’ll always make a shot that scores. The more time your team holds possession over the ball than the opposing team, the more shots your team will get to make.

If you take a look at https://www.pinterest.com/ballersrepublic/, you’ll see many different ways that people get some idea about how to handle the ball in a way that lets them keep control of it. If the ball ever goes loose in the court, the team that picks it up will have the momentum shift in their favour and that’s one of the things your coach means. Get that loose ball and push forward and keep your eye on the ball when a shot is made. You should be thinking about the rebound shot even before the shot is even made.

Never assume just because you or someone on your team shot the ball that it will go into the hoop. Not every shot will and the ones that don’t are going to be free game so you want to be the one who gets to it first. Sometimes the rebound shot can be the shot that turns the tide and if you aren’t on defence, always look for the rebound and don’t think about the shot or what angle or how fast you want to shoot the ball. Just shoot it.

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