Healing Through Energy

Healing has not always involved medicine, in fat, spirituality was once believed to be the strongest means of healing, and you can still find spiritual healers to this day throughout the world. In some cultures, they still happen to hold more precedence and power than medical healing. You can find each culture around the world had and still continues to have its own take on spiritual healing.

If you go into Hinduism, then you will find the concept of chakras to be predominant, and it was strongly believed that in order to restore balance and increase vitality, the chakras need to be aligned and all blocks need to be removed.

Similarly, if you look into Japanese tradition, you will find reiki. Reiki is a Japanese healing method that involves the transfer of energy from a reiki master to the patient or the person under training. This energy is supposed to help activate your own internal energy and help you heal and feel better. It was used to treat both physical and psychological conditions, and to just help individuals to relax and feel better as well.

Reiki, which originated in Japan, then spread to the US, and is slowly growing in other parts of the world as well, and you can easily find a number of practitioners and masters in your own area. You can choose to attend classes and go under training yourself, or you can simply just book yourself for reiki sessions, it is ultimately a matter of preference. Reiki also aligns with some concepts of positive psychology since it focuses on grounding, focusing on the present, relaxing the body and so on. So, some aspects of reiki do have some backing to them, so if you are looking to really relax or destress, then a reiki session can be great for you.

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