Heat Pump Concepts

There are 4 major concepts to heat pumps that you should consider before you decide which heat pump to buy, to get more details, go to varmepumpe boliglab for reviews. The first concept that you need to consider before making a choice is the dimensional effect of the heat pump. The dimensional effect is the lowest temperature that the heat pump can effectively work on. This is important because you need to know if the heat pump is efficient for your country or city or if it’s a dud for you.

The next major concept that is important and needs to be thought about is the declared effect. The declared effect essentially means the amount of heat that the heat pump can create, in kilo joules, when it consumes one kilo watt of electricity, in colder weathers. This is the average that the model will be able to give you at its lowest temperature and it is good to know how efficient it can be at lower temperatures.

Next there is the CoP or the Coefficient of Performance. This is a rating that is given depending on the ratio of the heat that the heat pump can produce against a certain amount of energy on regular temperatures. So this can tell you what the average output of the heat pump is on a regular basis.

Finally, the last concept is the SCoP or Seasonal Coefficient of Performance for the heat pump. This is a measure of how much energy is consumed by this heat pump while working normally, over the course of a year. This rating is dependent on the amount of energy consumed on average by the model and the higher the number given on the rating, the better the efficiency of the heat pump annually.

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