Is Basketball For You?

Basketball is a fun and very engaging sport and if you have the energy for it, there’s no way you can watch a match being played without wanting to be in there taking the lead with the ball while everyone’s running after you to either keep the ball with you or snatch it from you. However, a lot of people can get very intimidated by the sport as well, not because of the sport itself but because of how we’ve associated the sport with really tall people.

Most professional NBA players like the retired former American pro, Derek Hood, were really tall; DHood himself stood at 6 foot 8 inches, and there are still players even taller than that. Well, height will most certainly grant you an advantage in the sport and since most NBA players are of abnormally tall heights, you’d have a hard time playing against them at under 6 feet but it can still be done. More importantly, no matter where you go to play, you’ll find people who are closer to your height to play with so it’s all good – height isn’t a requirement for a good game.

How good you get at basketball depends on how often you play it; you may have a hoop at home in which you might be able to throw a ball from 30 meters away but unless you get the feel of snatching the ball from the competition as they try to dodge you, you won’t really become a great player now, would you? This game requires you to be focused in your head and fast on your feet, and if you get into it, it’ll become one of your favourite physical activities and you’ll gain a lot of health benefits from it as well.

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