The Best Gatsby Inspired Mansions You Can Buy For Under $1 Million

For anyone who has watched The Great Gatsby, or even read it, there is no denying that if there was one thing that awed everyone the most, it was the mansion Gatsby was living in. While the mansion shown in the movie looked extremely expensive, the good thing is that if you are aiming at something similar, you don’t really need to spend a lot of money.

When I say that, I mean this by all the seriousness there is. Why? Because if you are looking to shop for a mansion under $1 million, there are some amazing listings available that will be able to get you the Gatsby-esque mansions. Let’s look at them below.

2429 Greysolon Road, Duluth, Minn

Located at the top of the hill at Greysolon Road, this beautiful home that reminds one of the Georgian era is one of the beautiful properties ever. The house was constructed back in 1914, and can be yours for just $999,900.

The property gives you Lake Superior view from the front porch as well as the rooftop balcony, you get 6 bedrooms, and 5 bathrooms; and the total dimensions are 7,232 square feet.

127 E Main Street, Searsport, Maine

Searport Maine is known for the wonderful house that is located there, the 10,320 square feet house is a seaside home that was built by a ship captain back in the 1800s. It has 12 bedrooms, and 13 bathrooms. Considering how it was constructed by a ship captain, the entire construction reminds a person of the ship itself.

The pricing is even better as the house can be yours for $875,000.

3 W Terrace Ave, Lakewood, N.Y

If you like the Tudor-esque mansions, and you are a fan of the history, then the 1905 Tudor mansion located at Terrace Ave, Lakewood, New York is surely going to have your attention. You get seven bedrooms, and seven bathrooms. The property was recently restored to its full glory, and has been on the market for just $587,500, and it spans across 7,300 square feet.

5200 N Prospect Road, Peoria, Ill

The town Peoria is situated 3 and a half southwest of Chicago, and is one of the most beautiful towns one could think of. There, a 6,416 square foot mansion that was built in 1892 is situated. It is one of the most beautiful mansions that uses Italian marble, along with other beautiful materials that grace it so beautifully. The mansion is on the listing for $895,000.

4408 Boonsboro Road, Lynchburg, Va

If you like the architect from the 30s, then you are certainly going to love this mansion that is a combination of modern architect combined with the architect from 1938. There are multiple chimneys complementing the beautiful building, and a façade that makes it look like a state. For $799,000, you are getting a beautiful mansion that has a lot to offer to anyone who buys this gorgeous mansion.

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