Things That You Should Leave Behind When You Are Moving

Moving to a new home is a tedious process, especially if the house you are leaving behind has been the one that you have spent majority of your life in. Because in such a case, there are just so many things that need to be moved around, people normally end up getting confused as to what they should do with all of that, and what they should not.

If you have ever moved into a new home, you might have noticed some equipment that was already installed in that location. That mostly happens because there are some items that people just don’t bother removing, because it is too much work, and leaving them behind is never a bad thing to be honest.

If you are moving as well, and you are not sure what you should leave behind, then this article takes a look at some of the items.

Anything That is Bolted

There is an unspoken rule that anything that is bolted, or mounted should stay behind whenever you are selling your house. Whether you are doing it through an estate agent, or in an open market, this rule applies. Many people have shared their experiences of buying a house, only to realise that there is a huge hole on the wall where something was supposed to be.

This kind of behavior is unethical. You should not remove things like built-in furniture, fences, as well as storage sheds, because they are normally included with the house, even if you have paid for them. Sure, you can remove the mounting mechanism for your television if you are not leaving the television behind, but that’s about it.

Leave The Gardens

Unless you have listed that you are going to take the landscaping with you, or your listing says that the landscaping is not included, you can’t possibly remove them and take them away with you. It will leave a bad impression on the potential buyer.

Anything That’s Anchored

This is another thing that ends up creating confusion among a lot of people. Anything that is anchored stays behind. Why? Because you wouldn’t want to pull something out of the concrete just because it was already there, would you? This means that any basketball hoops, goal posts, or swings that are installed, will remain there.

Lighting Fixtures

I remember moving into a house that my family bought only to realise that there are no lights in place. Upon looking at the ceiling, I realised that the lighting fixtures have been removed, and only wires are dangling. Do not do that.

Window Blinds

It does not matter how much you have spent on your window blinds, if you are moving to a new house, then you have to leave the blinds there, because otherwise, you are just going to create a negative impact, which is never a good thing to say the least. Not only it makes you look bad, it just has a poor impression overall.

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