Why We Wear Jewellery

Alright ladies, quick question; why do you wear jewellery? If you think about it, you might come up with more answers than you would have thought you would have to this question. Some of us wear jewellery simply because it’s pretty yet others are more concerned with the fact that it’s valuable (let’s face it, some of us just like showing off a little bling, don’t we?). However, some people have attach personal value to certain pieces of jewellery and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Whether you consider it a prized possession, a valuable asset or an ornament that brings that reflects who you are as a person, jewellery is important to us. People have been wearing some kind of jewellery or the other since ancient times; we’ve dug up and preserved some treasured pieces of jewels from bygone eras and while some of them seem to be nothing but lavished ornaments, some of them seem to have been assigned certain mystic and religious properties.

Even thousands of years ago, human beings still attached value to jewellery – turning it into talismans that ward off evil or token of good luck. In some way, this isn’t a lot different from how a lot of us still prefer wearing jewellery with precious stones that match our zodiac signs.

Some people might be really into the whole zodiac thing but if you check out the birth stone collections at Galaxy Gold, you’ll come to realise that you don’t necessarily need to be into zodiac to grab a certain stone and make it your personal token of good luck. If nothing else, doing so might make it easier for you to pick out a stone for that one piece of jewellery that you always want to wear.

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